1. Image Makers sends you an email informing you about a go-see (casting=you go, so the client can see you). These emails are sent to specific people that are right for this particular photo shoot. You should bring a professional compcard or headshsot with you. (If you activate your profile, you will be able to print a compcard from your own computer as you need them.) They will take another picture, because they need to know what you look like at that time.

A. Sometimes clients will do their own searches directly, only the people that are "activated" will appear. Many times a talent will be booked for a job just from their pictures.

B. Other times the client asks me to send them "activated" profiles, or pictures that fit a specific request. For the people that aren’t "activated", I will pick and choose, blow up one image of them, cut, paste, and attach for a mailing.

2. You will be notified only if you’ve been asked to be put on "hold" or you’ve been "booked".

3. Once you are booked, you will then receive an email with detailed information with everything you need to know regarding your shoot.

4. Rates: Usually $160 per hour (less 10% agency fee.) Children: $100 per hour (less 10% agency fee.) Other times it will be a flat fee usually between $400 and $3000 (less 10% agency fee.) You will bring a time sheet / release that we call a voucher to every shoot, and after the shoot when the voucher is signed, you send / fax it to Image Makers immediately. (Vouchers can be found in the "Resources" area of our site as a PDF. You can fill it out online and print it.) This is when the job will be invoiced. Terms are net 30 days, however, sometimes it takes up to 3 months to receive payment.

5. Wardrobe: Sometimes you will be bringing your own clothing, therefore you must make sure everything is neat, clean and pressed. If your hands show, they must be trimmed, manicured, and natural colored. Sometimes there will be a stylist that will be doing hair, makeup, and wardrobe.

6. Please keep a file for your check stubs. They will be job labeled.


Image Makers!