It is free to be on the Image Makers database. This will allow our agency to search and see your profile that will consist of 2 photo images, your personal contact info, physical stats, and your resume. We will have access to all your information, however, no one else will. This will enable us to send you e-mails when we think you are well suited for an upcoming shoot, tradeshow, or promotion. You will be able to access your profile 24/7 to keep all your information up to date. Please make sure if you move, change your phone numbers, or have any physical changes etc. that YOU make the change. Please DON'T email me and tell ME that there is a change.

Because modern technology has entered our lives, AgencyPro Software has offered more opportunities for promoting yourselves to get more exposure. It has been very exciting! For $10 per month or $120 per year paid to AgencyPro Software, they will provide you (through Image Makers) an “activated” profile that enables you to have 20 photo images instead of 2, your physical stats, your resume, 3 composite templates (in case you would like to print out your own composite card when attending a casting call), and you can print out your own business cards. Best of all, our clients will be able to make their own searches and your profile will come up (without your personal contact info, of course). When a client calls us for people, we are able to send out the “activated” profiles quickly with just a few clicks and they get to see a large selection. If they choose to see more, we will go to our "non-activated” talent, blow up a picture, save it, attach with others and send. This is a time consuming project, and sometimes the clients don’t want to wait, however, we do it a lot.

Needless to say, the investment to be activated is well worth it. 

An average print job pays $160 per hour (less 10% agency fee) with a 2 hour minimum. You just made $288 - that’s $168 on your investment.


Image Makers!