When we send you an email to let you know about a Go-See (This means you GO so they can SEE you) or a Casting, you should bring a picture with you to leave behind, however, they will also take a picture of you to submit to the client. They will then determine who they will choose for the final shoot that will pay usually from $160 per hour to $3000 for the job.

You will need to get professional photos. Image Makers has been in business for more than 20 years and we don’t want to start now having a lot of home made snap shots.

If you know any professional photographers, I will describe the type of photos Image Makers needs:

(It would probably be safe to wear solid colors. Stay away from logos on all clothing.)


1. Head Shot: Head and shoulders, shoulders slightly tilted away from the camera in a least one shot. A smile… must see teeth if they show naturally. The purpose of this shot is to say “Would you buy a used car from this person?” You should look approachable, and trustworthy. Someone you’d like for a next door neighbor.

2. Business Shot: Not necessarily right to the camera, maybe at a desk, maybe coming or going into an office or building….conference etc. full body…¾ body.

3. Athletic: Working out , maybe a sport, maybe on a bike, maybe playing tennis, yoga

4. Professional/Medical: Doctors or Nurses: Image Makers does many shoots for medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, lab technicians, and pharmacies. We are looking for a moment out of the day of one of these people.

5. Relationship: Try NOT to have two men or two women of the same age and ethnicity in a shot. Try NOT to do pictures with pets.


a. Family: Mother and child or more; Father and child
b. Grandparents with grandchildren
c. Couples


6. Somewhere in here, you must get full body pictures, ¾ pictures, and profile shots. Our clients need to see all angles when making their choices, so they don’t want to see all same smiling face looking at them. That just shows them that you can smile and change your clothes.



Image Makers!