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Educate yourself on how to be a valued asset to Image Makers.

How Does this Business Work?
How to Be Prepared for Photo / Print Casting
Recommended Photographers
How You Can Help Us Market You
What Does a Promotional Model Do?
What Does a Tradeshow Model Do?
What Type of On Camera Video Jobs are Available?

Vouchers are here. (You will need to have the latest Adobe Reader installed. Get it here for free.) You can fill out the voucher in your browser & print out all the copies you need. You can also save it as a blank copy on your computer. (You cannot save your filled-out copy as a PDF.)

Print 2 copies. Signatures should all be originals. The client keeps a signed copy and the other is to be faxed or sent to Image Makers.

If you have trouble with the file opening in a browser, save the PDF to your computer by right-clicking and saving it in a safe place.

Image Makers!